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Business Finance

6 Financial Tips to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Before you suceed, you have to understand its cost. Here are some financial tips to get you started on becoming the next successful entrepreneur.

Scared to debt: Here’s why debt isn't always a bad thing

Scared to debt: Here’s why debt isn’t always a bad thing

Is it really bad to have debt when you own a business? Should you be scared? See
how debt can be potentially good for your business growth.

Finance & Accounting

5 reasons why working capital is important for your business growth

Growing your business requires working capital. Whether you’re an early-stage, growing, or established business, working capital is essential to survive your day-to-day operations. Learn more about RFC’s working capital loan to help your business.

4 signs you’re overspending in your business

4 signs you’re overspending in your business

If not kept in check, overspending will hurt your business. Here are the consequences that may happen when you spend more than what’s planned!