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Because prevention is always better than cure. How to prevent being caught off guard with the next crisis.
Business Tips

#MovePreneur: 3 ways to help your business survive the crisis

In the first episode of #MovePreneur, RFC’s initiative to help businesses move forward to the ‘new normal’ in partnership with Businessmaker Academy, Mark So shared his best practices in managing his business during the crisis.

Business woman in GCQ
Entrepreneurship Leadership & Management

How to manage your business during GCQ

Before getting overwhelmed about the idea of opening your business, here are the things you should consider when operating your business during GCQ.

Government loan

Gov’t loan facility for small, micro enterprises is now accepting applicants in GCQ areas

To help the micro and small enterprises affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Small Business Corporation (SB Corporation) will start accepting applications for the COVID-19 Assistance to Restart Enterprises (CARES) Program through its offices in general community quarantine (GCQ) areas starting from May 18.

Scared to debt: Here’s why debt isn't always a bad thing

Scared to debt: Here’s why debt isn’t always a bad thing

Is it really bad to have debt when you own a business? Should you be scared? See
how debt can be potentially good for your business growth.