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Steve Jobs

This advice from Steve Jobs will change how you do your business

Your business will hardly prosper if you don’t put your heart into it — and sometimes, worst, it can even reflect to the quality you provide.

Business Tips

5 fun office activities you can do year-round

Now that the holidays are over, how can
you game up the fun in your office? In this article, we list 5 activities that engage,
encourage teamwork, and unleash your employees’ peak performance.

Health & Lifestyle

Work-Life Balance: How pursuing a hobby can make you a better entrepreneur

Having no time for leisure or simple relaxation can lead to burnout. From enhancing work performance to stress reduction, here are 5 reasons why having a hobby makes you a better entrepreneur.

6 mistakes every entrepreneur should avoid when growing their business

6 mistakes every entrepreneur should avoid when growing their business

A growing business is a
journey to success. But just like every aspect of life, the journey won’t always be
smooth-sailing. There are many obstacles that might arise that could have easily
been avoidable when you don’t bite more than you can chew.


3 reasons why you should never be afraid of business failure

There’s no overnight success in entrepreneurship. Learn from these entrepreneurs on how they bounce back to succeed in their chosen industry.


Start Your Dream Business: 10 Timeless Advice From World’s Successful Entrepreneurs

Starting your own business takes a lot of work. Whether you’re feeling unmotivated or you just need a little push, take into consideration these 10 timeless words of wisdom from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.