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Entrepreneur working from home
Health & Lifestyle

How to manage stress and anxiety during the pandemic

Having a coronavirus anxiety? Is it affecting your mental well-being? Taking care of your mental health during the pandemic is truly important.

Finance & Accounting

Expanding your business? Here are three ways to finance it!

Dreaming of expanding your business? There are different types of business loans
you can try to finance your business expansion. Find out the suitable business loans for you, so
you can finally expand your business, or purchase the additional equipment you need.

Finance & Accounting

5 practical ways to manage your working capital

Keeping your cash flow secured is essential for your business. Aside from having your account regularly monitored, here are five practical and easy ways to keep your cash flow running.

Business Tips

4 Practical Tips to Increase Your Sari-Sari Store Income Amid the Pandemic

Here are some practical tips to have an additional income as a sari-sari store owner. Become an RFC Loan Information Center


3 Practical Reasons Why You Should Buy a Second Hand Car

Should I buy a brand new car or a used/second hand car? Here are some advantages when buying a used car. Shop second hand cars at RFSHOP


Bounce Back with a Salary Loan to Help your Employees this Pandemic

Here’s how you can help your employees bounce back during the pandemic by providing salary loans

Female online business
Business Tips Inspirational

Practical hacks to have a successful online business

With more businesses setting up their own venture online, How can you succeed in the online world where competition is too tight? Find out here!

business concept of success

6 entrepreneurs who faced tremendous trials before becoming successful

These entrepreneurs proved that when the going gets tough, you’d just need to work extra harder! Don’t worry, everything’s worth that double effort. Get inspired by these success stories!

Business Tips

Business checklist to help you survive and thrive during the pandemic

Here’s a Business checklist to help SMEs like you in these tough times. Here are some things you need to consider to ensure continue business operations


DTI increases operational capacity of businesses in GCQ, MGCQ areas

Businesses under category III in areas placed under GCQ & MGCQ will be allowed to operate at 75 percent and 100-percent capacity starting November 1.