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Maintaining a work-life balance before the pandemic was already a challenging task, but as the pandemic forced us to stay indoors, the lines between one’s work and personal life is getting blurry. 

In addition to taking care of ourselves physically, our mental health also needs attention. Running a business during the pandemic is a highly stressful undertaking, so here are a few tips on maintaining your work-life balance:

1. Establish strict boundaries

Establishing boundaries goes beyond just having a designated work space in your home. This also means being strict about your work hours and creating a schedule or routine for yourself and your family. Doing so will draw the line of when you have to work, and when you need to take a break. This can also mean not doing any work while eating, while watching series, while spending time with your family or anything else.

2. Take care of your physical health

While this is already a given during the pandemic, going the extra mile with exercising and having a healthy diet will benefit you. Exercise is proven to be a good mood booster and stress reliever, even if you do it for just a few minutes. To make this more enjoyable, find an activity that you like.

3. Take your eyes off the screen

All day, everyday, we are facing our computer and phone screens. Even more so during the pandemic. The internet and technology is addicting, but it can also be extremely draining. Take a break from the screen a couple of times a day to give your eyes and your mind a break. Maybe this could be the time that you try out a hobby or a new skill.

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4. Communicate

The feeling of loneliness and isolation is ever-present these days. It can make us feel detached and can take a toll on our well-being. So, be sure that during your non-working hours, you make time for the people that you love. This could be a simple phone call, or perhaps you can stream a film together, anything. If you live with someone, engage them in a conversation or an activity. And when you need someone to talk to, do not hesitate to call anyone that you’d like. Overcommunicating is a must during the pandemic, especially since we don’t see each other all the time.

5. Do not disregard your mental health

This pandemic is a highly stressful situation for everyone, as we are presented with challenges beyond just our physical health. While hustling, make sure that you are also taking care of yourself. If you feel that you need support or help, there are services available online that can help you get through it. 

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