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Holi-yay! 5 ways to boost your online sales this holiday season

Christmas bells are ringing, and that only means one thing: people are now more willing to spend beyond their needs! For any business, this is an opportunity to set another record-

breaking sales. To bank on the holiday season, strengthen your digital strategies and boost your presence online.

Ready to increase your sales? Make a list and check it twice using these tips and tricks!

1. Your online store must be mobile-friendly
Your customers — both existing and potential — are now shopping online more often than they do in physical shops. Play this to your advantage by launching a mobile-friendly e-commerce platform. Remember: a great mobile site is always easy to use and visually on-brand.

2. Your online shop must appeal to your consumers
Help your customers get into the right mindset by letting them experience your store from the comfort of their home. Since it’s the holiday season, why not have a Christmas-themed web design, promote seasonal products, and host end-of-year-sales? This way, they’re encouraged to add more products to their carts. Make customers feel less guilty about shopping by instilling into their minds that it’s the holidays — a season where they can splurge with no judgment *wink*.

3. Work on your online advertisements
A customer might be up late at night, thinking of what to purchase in time for the holidays. They’ll be on their phone, browsing online for ideas. You can reach out to them by advertising on platforms they use, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Google. To connect with your customers, always be wherever they are.

4. Launch special promotions
Sales and promos are always effective. You can host different types of promos, like a 50% discount, Buy One Get One (BOGO) sales, or free shipping. Digital coupons and vouchers, which can be used in-store, can also encourage more sales. Last-minute promos are also great for those who haven’t made up their minds yet on what to buy for Christmas!

5. Build a stronger social media presence
Social media is free, so use it to your advantage. Post creative and engaging content to interact with your customers and build a rapport with them. You can also launch online contests and giveaways to boost your social media presence. This way, you can broaden your reach online and increase potential sales.

Nowadays, people of all ages are considered digital shoppers. Gone are the days that you need to wait in long lines just to get your holiday shopping fix. Now, you can purchase anything with just a click.

As an entrepreneur, bank on this shopping season by joining in on the holiday cheer! Focus on your internet presence and offer good deals for your customers. That way, everyone — whether naughty or nice — will fill their Christmas stockings with your products. After all, ‘tis the season to be splurge-y!

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